Wasp Removal

Flexible Appointments for Wasp Removal in Bromley

Wasp Removal Bromley Initially, wasp nests begin the size of a walnut – but they end up as big as a football! Wasps build their nests in hollows in the walls, attic fascias, and air bricks. Wasp activity is easy to spot – buzzing and flying patterns make them difficult to miss, and they can sting numerous times without coming to any harm. As soon as you suspect an infestation, you need to call in the professionals. Technicians from our wasp removal team in Bromley are armed and ready to help.

Wasp Removal in Bromley – The Service Definition

Wasps can easily be exterminated with insecticides applied by experts from our service for wasp removal in Bromley. The treatment isn’t possible to treat outdoor nests, as the weather affects the success of the insecticides used. Wasp control is often completed in one visit, and if the nest is totally accessible and less than 15 feet high, it’ll be removed completely. If this isn’t possible, the interior of the premises will be sprayed to eliminate the infestation. It’s important to continually check for re-occurrence of the nest to get immediate help, but the best method of prevention is to make sure there aren’t any food sources around the property to attract them. Wasps feed on rotting waste and fat residues, so keep leftovers in sealed bins.

On the morning of our arrival you’ll be asked to complete a few simple tasks, such as taking away your pets including fish. You won’t be able to stay on the same floor that the treatment is carried out on – the poisons do have a low toxicity when airborne, and when the treatment is finished the premises needs to stay empty for a couple of hours to let the poisons settle. Opening all the door and windows for about 10 minutes is advisable when you return.

Wasp Removal in Bromley – Take Advantage of Our Premier Service

Thousands of happy clients have benefited from our wasp removal in Bromley. Everyone recognises the quality of our workmanship, and our customer care. You’ll also get all of the following:

Wasp Removal Bromley

  • Experienced pest technicians: all certified by the British Pest Control Association
  • Professional pest treatments: all providing guaranteed results
  • 24/7 customer service availability: all operators trained and knowledgeable
  • Payment upon job completion: all prices are competitive and without any hidden charges
  • Health and safety care: all products are eco-friendly to protect you and your family

If you combine different types of pest services and add them to your order, you’ll get great discounted rates. Take a look at our cockroach control or rodent control service and book them at the same time as your wasp removal in Bromley.