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Competitive Prices for Our Rodent Control Service in Bromley

Rats, mice, and squirrels can be extremely destructive – as well as spreading disease and damaging your business! Get in touch with our rodent control in Bromley to take immediate action that’s safe and also cost-effective.

The Framework of Our Rodent Control Service in Bromley

Rodent Control BromleyDid you know that our rodent control in Bromley isn’t hourly based? That means your technician will stay on your premises until a full inspection has been carried out, treatments determined, and prevention and after-care advice given. It’s very important to establish entry and exit points of pests, and to assess the level of infestation. Then the three step treatment of sealing, putting down traps, and laying poison can begin.

Squirrels are very intelligent creatures, and removing them takes a great deal of skill and patience as they don’t fear humans. Unfortunately they have a habit of chewing on cables and through insulation, so are most unwelcome in your property. They constantly grind down their teeth on hard surfaces, and are known to cause short circuits and power cuts. Squirrel control uses large snap traps and bait, and is normally completed in just one visit. You can request squirrel proofing of holes as a complimentary service, and if you book our guaranteed service you’ll qualify for two free follow-up visits within three months of the initial treatment.

Your pest technician will be able to give you lots of preventative advice in order to avoid future infestations. Simple things such as not leaving excess food waste outside, and putting household rubbish in a sealed bin. Try not to let any garden areas fill with garbage, and don’t throw bird food onto the ground. Any drainage holes or old pipes can be filled to lessen the risk of pest invasion.

So Many Gains When You Use Our Rodent Control Service in Bromley…

We’ll provide you with all types of services, from one-off to fully guaranteed. When you add other services to your order for our rodent control service in Bromley you’ll also benefit from great price reductions! When you need wasp removal or mice control, simply combine them all and get your own special discount.

Rodent Control Bromley

  • Look to us for full local coverage from experienced and qualified pest technicians
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  • Request a same day or emergency appointment when you have a severe problem
  • Get protection for your home safely with this comprehensive service of inspection, treatment, and prevention
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