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Effective Treatment For Rats Control in Bromley

Rats obtain their food from both outdoor and indoor locations. They enjoy burrowing to enter buildings, so your garage – for instance – would be a prime target! Rats can carry numerous bacteria, so a quick eradication is needed. That’s exactly what you’ll get when a technician from our service for rats control in Bromley comes to call!

A Guide to Rats Control in Bromley

Rats Control Bromley This non-hourly based service for rats control in Bromley will usually be finished in just one visit. You’ll be provided with a comprehensive inspection of your property before any actual treatment begins. This ensures that all entrance and exit points of the rodents are identified, and the full level of the infestation assessed. There are three steps involved in the eradication process – sealing of all affected holes with wire wool and expanding foam, setting glue traps and bait boxes, and for serious infestations, the use of poisons.

Your technician will remove carcasses if you’ve chosen the guaranteed service, which provides you with two free follow-up visits during the three months after the initial treatment. Collection and disposal of the bodies will be carried out then. However, if you opt for the one-off service there aren’t any return visits, and you would have to remove the dead rats yourself.

You’ll be given instructions on what to do before your treatment starts, and precautions to take afterwards. Your expert in rats control in Bromley will also provide you with plenty of advice to prevent re-infestation, such as not leaving food waste outside, putting household rubbish in a sealed bin, and not putting bird food on the ground. Keeping garden areas clear is also recommended, and old drainage pipes should be blocked.

Assistance from the Specialists in Rats Control in Bromley

As soon as you need help with rats control in Bromley, we’ll be there! A same-day service is just one of the many benefits we offer. Take a look below for more…

Rats Control Bromley

  • 24/7 customer service: reach us day or night by phone or email
  • 7 day weekly availability for treatments: Bank Holiday and weekend appointments for no extra charge
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  • Eco-friendly products and equipment: all approved by an official UK pest supplier
  • A comprehensive service: inspection, treatment, and after-care all provided
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