Pest Inspection

A Comprehensive Pest Inspection Service in Bromley

If you suspect you have a pest problem, you need to call in the professionals. Ignoring any issues can be very harmful to you – and to your family’s health. Experts from our pest inspection service in Bromley are trained to deal with existing situations that can quickly get out of control.

Outlining Your Pest Inspection Service in Bromley

Pest Inspection Bromley The pest inspection service we provide in Bromley is truly comprehensive, and performed by a qualified and experienced pest technician trained in full property assessments. No treatment will begin until the level of infestation has been determined, and the points of entry and exit established. Only then will the appropriate removal method be decided upon.

Using modern equipment, the inner walls of your property will be scanned with a thermal imaging camera to track heat signatures and isolate infestations with 100% accuracy. An endoscopic camera will examine drainage pipes and air ducts alongside basement areas and any other hard to reach places.

Your technician from our pest inspection service in Bromley will provide you with a report on-site immediately, so you can see just how we’ll deal with your infestation quickly and effectively. We’ll also provide a written copy of the work to be carried out, and suggestions for preventative measures to be taken in the future to keep your property protected and free of vermin.

Remember that if you book a fully guaranteed service you’ll be entitled to two free follow-up appointments within three months of your initial treatment.

Get Support from Our Pest Inspection Service in Bromley

Help, advice, and support. You’ll get all this assistance and more when you book our pest inspection in Bromley. Benefit from:

Pest Inspection Bromley

  • Experienced pest technicians: all pest exterminators have passed Safe Use of Pesticides training courses
  • Quality control checks: teams are regularly inspected to ensure consistent high standards
  • Approved eco-friendly insecticides and pesticides: with official UK suppliers’ endorsements
  • 24/7 customer service: get in touch with us by phone or email
  • 7 day a week availability: book appointments on weekends or Bank Holidays for the same fee
  • A stress-free service: key pick-up and delivery can be arranged on request
  • Protection for your home: we’ll take care of your health and safety while providing you with a vermin-free environment
  • Additional service price reductions: use our insect control service and our rats control for special discounts