Mice Control

Competitive Prices for Mice Control in Bromley

Mice can pose a serious threat to buildings as their diet consists of many foodstuffs including cables and wood! Fires, short circuits, and structural instability are all caused by this little pest. Experts from our mice control in Bromley know just how to deal with infestations.

An Explanation of Our Mice Control in Bromley

MiceOur mice control in Bromley is normally done in one visit by a qualified pest exterminator who’ll stay with you until the work is completed. Your property will be inspected thoroughly before treatment starts to identify where the mice are entering and exiting, and the extent of the infestation. Then the choice of treatment will be determined. Just three steps will guarantee this service is successful – sealing of holes with wire wool and expanding foam, positioning of glue traps and bait boxes throughout, and finally poison drops for serious infestations. No sprays will be used during the procedure.

You’ll be given clear instructions for before and after treatment, alongside plenty of preventative advice. This includes blocking up any old drainage holes or pipes leading into the property, not leaving food waste outside, putting lids on bins containing household rubbish, and keeping the garden area free from debris.

Booking a guaranteed service means you’ll get two free follow-up appointments within three months of the initial treatment. During this time your technician will collect and dispose of easily accessible dead mice for you. If you opt for the one-off service, there are no return visits, so you would have to dispose of any carcasses yourself.

Use Our Mice Control in Bromley For Professional Assistance

We don’t only help with mice control in Bromley – we also provide a rodent control service and rats control. You’ll get a great discount for additional services ordered as well as benefiting from all of the following:


  • Service hotlines that are open 24/7 – reach us by phone or online
  • Services that are bookable 7 days a week – including Bank Holidays and weekends
  • Comprehensive services – inspection, treatment, and prevention all included
  • Service choices – from one-off treatments to fully guaranteed options
  • An insured service provider – vetted with years of experience with all types of vermin
  • A service that’s quick and effective – easy to book and hassle-free
  • Services that aren’t hourly based – your technician will stay until the end
  • Work performed by professionals – exterminators are all certified by the British Pest Control association