Insect Control

An Insect Control Service in Bromley Using Heat Treatments

Professionals from our insect control in Bromley have all the equipment and products needed to get rid of a huge number of flying and crawling insect infestations. From ants and bed bugs to wasps and moths, we’ve got the skills and the experience to treat and prevent any further invasions.

Your Insect Control Service in Bromley – How It Works

Insect Control Bromley One of the options available to technicians from our insect control in Bromley is heat treatment, as this has proven to be 100% effective in pest eradication. We’ll use propane gas heaters to increase temperature and eliminate all insects in their various life cycle stages. This method may be chosen only after a full property inspection has been carried out by your qualified pest exterminator. The process involves an application of insecticide spray during the initial visit, followed by the heat treatment procedure, and finishes with after-care and preventative steps two weeks afterwards.

Other treatments include a choice of various baits and poisons approved and recommended by an official UK supplier. You’ll be given clear instructions with regards to any precautions you may need to take before and after your service, and issued with assessments and written reports relating to your insect control in Bromley.

Make Life Easier by Using Our Insect Control Service in Bromley:

Our insect control in Bromley is so highly rated because technicians take all the stress out of eliminating your pest infestations. We’ll also assure you of:

Insect Control Bromley

  • Customer services that are open around the clock for your convenience
  • Technicians who are greatly experienced in dealing with all types of vermin
  • Protection for your home and you, with the use of eco-friendly products and equipment
  • Approval of all insecticides and pesticides from an official UK supplier
  • Booking slots available 7 days a week with weekends and Bank Holiday visits for the same price
  • A vetted and fully insured pest control service provider
  • Regular checks of treatments provided by quality control supervisors
  • A key pick-up and delivery option for when you can’t be available
  • Special discounts for every additional service you book with us

Our insect control in Bromley isn’t the only one we offer. You can add our pest inspection service or our bed bug control service to your order and qualify for great reductions! We also have special rates for returning customers.