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Book A Guaranteed Service For Flea Control in Bromley

Successful flea control requires treatment of both the environment and the pets! That’s just one of the reasons why our flea control in Bromley works so well. Our experts know how to eliminate these insects that infest your house, furniture, carpets, and animals.

An Explanation of Our Flea Control in Bromley

Flea Control Bromley A trained technician from our flea control in Bromley will inspect your property and decide on the best course of treatments depending on the spread of the infestation. Where invasion signs are identified insecticide will be applied – this has a three month residual effect on treated surfaces, which ensures an immediate kill as well as preventing future infestations. Frequent vacuuming has been proven to kill up to 95% of adult fleas and completely eliminate young ones. We’ll use powerful industrial cleaners to ensure this happens.

On the morning of your team’s arrival you’ll receive a few simple instructions, such as taking away any pets including fish and vacuuming all affected areas. You won’t be able to stay whilst the treatment is carried out, as the poisons do have a low toxicity when airborne. You’ll also need to leave the property empty for about two hours afterwards to allow the poisons to settle. When you return it’s advisable to open all doors and windows for 10 minutes or so. You won’t need to vacuum for at least four days after the initial treatment.

Don’t forget that if you book a guaranteed service you’ll automatically qualify for two free follow-up visits within three months. There aren’t any return visits with our one-off option.

Get Support – Hire Experts from Our Flea Control in Bromley

We understand how stressful a pest infestation can be. So our flea control in Bromley comes with many benefits. See below…

Flea Control Bromley

  • A comprehensive service including inspection, treatment, and prevention often completed in one visit.
  • Your service will be fast, effective, and hassle-free.
  • You can make your booking 7 days a week including Bank Holidays for no extra charge.
  • Our customer service facilities are open 24 hours a day for you to contact us for help and advice.
  • All products and equipment are eco-friendly and approved by an official UK Pest supplier.
  • Every technician has passed Kill Germ training courses.

We specialise in more than only flea control in Bromley. Take a look at our bed bug control service and our cockroach control service. Adding them to your order will give you lots of cash benefits!