Cockroach Control

Effective Treatments for Cockroach Control in Bromley

Cockroaches can actually live without food for a whole month. They have wonderful survival skills, and breed in vast numbers. By flattening their bodies they can get inside your property through any holes and cracks in the structure. Severe infestation needs immediate attention, so get in touch with experts from our service for cockroach control in Bromley and let the extermination begin!

Defining Our Cockroach Control in Bromley

Cockroach Control Bromley This service for cockroach control in Bromley is normally performed by a qualified pest technician in just one visit. Bait gels will be utilised to ensure that cockroaches that eat the bait will die within 24 hours, and then be eaten by other cockroaches. This produces a knock-on effect that spreads the gel into the nest and kills off the remaining pests. Insecticides that are sprayed onto surfaces have a three month long residual effect which prevents cockroaches re-infesting the property.

The morning of our arrival, you’ll be asked to remove pets including fish before we start any treatments. You won’t be able to stay on the same floor on which sprays are used, as the poisons do have a low toxicity when airborne. When the treatment has been completed, the premises need to stay empty for about two hours. When you return you’ll be advised to open all windows and doors for about 10 minutes. You can vacuum before we start, but not for four days after we finish!

Two free follow-up visits will be undertaken within three months of your initial treatment if you book our guaranteed service for cockroach control in Bromley. If you opt for the one-off service, there aren’t any return visits.

Cockroach Control in Bromley – Get Help and Support

This service for cockroach control in Bromley is provided by experts. It’s also quick, efficient, and hassle-free. You’ll be guaranteed:

Cockroach Control Bromley

  • A complete service – inspection, treatment, and prevention are all included in the package
  • Care of your health and safety – only eco-friendly products and equipment used
  • Special discounts for every additional service booked – use our flea control service and wasp removal, for example, to get great discounts
  • Experienced pest technicians – certified by the British Pest Control Association, vetted and insured
  • 24/7 customer service – get in touch with us at any time of the day or night
  • 7 days a week availability – from early morning to evening, at weekends and Bank Holidays too
  • Flexible pricing – without any hidden charges, and payment only on job completion