Bed Bug Control

Hire a Proven Bed Bug Control Service in Bromley

Bed bugs have superior survival skills – being able to live for months without blood, but preferring to feed every few days. Infestation can be caused through transportation of the adult bugs or eggs in clothes, luggage, and people! Get rid of these biting pests by hiring our bed bug control in Bromley today.

A Summary of Our Bed Bug Control Service in Bromley

Bed Bug Control BromleyJust two visits, two weeks apart, is all it takes for the team from our bed bugs control service in Bromley to eradicate your infestation. An initial visit, after a full property inspection, will ensure that all areas of the affected rooms including floors, carpets, curtains, and skirting boards are covered with an insecticide spray. The one we use is the only one on the market to achieve a 100% knock-down effect. During the next visit, your technicians will apply another layer of insecticide onto treated surfaces, which then gives three month residual cover to prevent re-infestation.

To ensure treatments are carried out effectively, we’ll need to ask you to complete a few simple tasks. Any pets and fish need to be taken away from the property; all bedding and clothing should be bagged up in the bedroom to be washed on a hot wash; the carpets need to be vacuumed carefully alongside lip edges of mattresses, skirting boards, and any cracks or holes in the walls. It would be a great help if you could pull furniture away from the walls to allow us to reach behind.

Bear in mind that as the poisons have a low toxicity when airborne, you can’t stay whilst the treatment takes place. When you return you’ll need to leave all windows and doors open for about 10 minutes. It’s very important to sleep in the bedrooms that are affected by the bugs the same evening after treatment, as this encourages any stray bugs to come into contact with the treated surfaces and thus be eliminated. Don’t worry – you’ll be given all the advice you need from one of our specialists!

A Bed Bug Control Service in Bromley With Values

We really appreciate customer loyalty, and reward our clients with many service benefits. Our bed bug control in Bromley gives you:

Bed Bug Control Bromley

  • 24/7 customer service: available all day and all night, by phone or email
  • 7 day a week availability: appointments for weekends and Bank Holidays easily made
  • 2 free follow-up visits: when you choose our guaranteed service
  • Additional service discounts: book our insect control service and our flea control for instance, to get great reductions!